Future of Policy

The Future of Policy series features articles focused on emergent policy challenges. The series was developed alongside the Future Society at Harvard Kennedy School, a student organization dedicated to stimulating and organizing meaningful conversations about the policy challenges and questions around the corner and in the decades to come. The pieces address challenges across algorithms and machine learning, the future of work, transparency, privacy and more – seeking to iterate and recommend solutions that interrogate the challenges at and beyond the policymaking frontier. A complete list of the all of the pieces in the Future of Policy series can be found below, in order of publication.

If Robots Come for Our Jobs, We Need More than Universal Basic Income by Asad Ramzanali

Who Will Own the Smarts in Super-Smart Cities? by Emily Middleton

We Must Democratize Algorithms to Protect the Future of Civic Life by Ashley Lee

What We’re Missing in Machine Learning by Devashish Chandra

Emerging ID Technology Helps Refugees, at a Cost to Privacy by Laura Schiemichen


Photo by Alex wong on Unsplash