KSR 2019

The Future of Cities

Gentrification without Displacement? A Cautionary Tale from Brooklyn to Detroit by Jana Pohorelsky

Opportunity Zones: Driver of Economic Development or Domestic Tax Shelter for the Rich by Hilary Gelfond

Movement Matters: Why We Should Commit to Universal Basic Mobility by Daniel Comeaux

Of Kings, Pawns, and Horse-Trading: Barriers to Transportation Solutions in the Philippines by Reggie B. Ramos

Think Global, Act Local: European Cities on the Front Lines of Climate Action by Nikhil Kumar

Rebuilding After Conflict

When the Dictator Wins: How Assad Is Using Reconstruction to Strengthen His Grip on Syria by Anna Mysliwiec

Cow Vigilantes and the Rise of Hindu Nationalism by Kalpana Jain

Guilty by Association: The Fate of ISIL Families in Iraq by John Millock

Storytelling in Post-conflict Argentina: How Keeping Memory Alive Can Bring about Justice by Darby Jones

Social Policy Solutions

“Radical Acts of Community Care”: Lessons from Bail and Abortion Funds by Katie Monroe

A Prescription for Inclusion: Lessons from the Medical Field in Centering Transgender Communities by Laura Merryfield and Pranav Reddy

Why We Keep Doing Things We Know Don’t Work by Jeff Lambart

When Trauma-Informed Pedagogy Is Not Enough: The Need for Increased School-Based Mental Health Services in Public Schools by Prachi Naik

Higher Education Access: Filling in the Cracks versus Rebuilding the Foundation by Chidi Agu

Human Rights & Migration

An Untold Story: The Need to Address Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Refugee Boys by Emily Ausubel

Public Charge: A Threat to Public Health and the American Dream by Nusheen Ameenuddin

The Effects of the Travel Ban on Refugee Resettlement in Jordan by Niku Jafarnia

The Ruse of Repatriation: Why the Current Efforts to Repatriate the Rohingya back to Myanmar Will Fail by Nikita Taniparti

Global Governance

African Solutions to African Problems? A Review by Marc Anani-Isaac and Chichi Anyoku

The Rise of the Global South: Can South-South Cooperation Reshape Development? by Rafael Beleboni

A Quest for Relevance: The United Nations’ Tryst with Youth by Vandinika Shukla

The Disjointed State of US-Africa Affairs by Jackson Miller

Interest Rates Must Remain Disinterested: The Growing Threat to Central Bank Independence and Why It Must Be Preserved by Megan White

Technology & Digital Governance

Government as a Platform: How Policy Makers Should Think about the Foundations of Digital Public Infrastructure by David Eaves, Richard Pope, and Ben McGuire

In .gov We Trust: The Troubled but Crucial Relationship between Technology and Government by Kevin Frazier

State Influence and Technical Standards by Julia Voo

Using Blockchain for Immutable Mediation and Autonomous Governance by Will Hickey

Past the Pilot Stage: Policy Makers Must Consider Impacts of Police Body-Worn Cameras beyond Accountability by Katie Miller

Improving Democracy

Referendums Are Dangerous for Democracy by Sakina Haider

Electing the Supreme Court: Breaking Down Partisanship and Improving Accountability over Our Judiciary by Signe Janoska-Bedi

Not So Plum: The Shortcomings of the Plum Book and Tracking Political Appointments by Amanda Patarino

Taming Tech Giants Requires Fixing the Revolving Door by Carlotta Alfonsi

Civil Society: A Key Player in the Global Fight Against Misinformation by Raina Davis, Bo Julie Crowley, and Casey Corcoran