KSR 2018

Parties & Politics

The Red Ballot: How Some Conservative States Are Bucking the Trend and Making Voting Easier by Michael Auslen

An Undelivered Package: Postal Reform’s Failure in the 115th Congress and What It Says about American Democracy by Brett J. Banker

Uncle Sam Needs You—And You May Need Uncle Sam by Reed Southard

Political Organizing in the Digital Age: Why Campaigns Need to Integrate Traditional and Digital Organizing by Ben McGuire

Ask What You Can Doodle: Welcome to MAGA Land! by Adam Giorgi

Criminal Justice & Human Rights

The Detention Archipelago: Immigrant Prisons and the Companies that Run Them by Maksim Wynn

Jails: America’s Biggest Mental Health Facilities by Catia Sharp

Risk and Responsibility: A Spanish Prosecutor’s Creative Approach to Fighting Terrorism by Jillian Rafferty

Combatting Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking in the Child Welfare System by Steven Olender

The Institutionalized Abuse of Incarcerated Girls by Sibella Matthews

An Interview with North Korean Defector Grace Jo by Jenie Son and Andrew Hong

Digital Governance

How Machines Think and Why It Matters by Brendan Roach

A Fairer Playing Field in the New Economy: Creating New Rules for 21st-Century Corporate Might by Matthew E. Spector

Toward a Critical Analysis Framework of Digital Algorithms for Policy Makers by Hannah Masuga

Social Justice

To Fix the Safety Net, Listen to People with Disabilities by Colin Killick

Reckoning with Reparations: The Kush Economy Is Our 40 Acres and a Mule by Khadijah Tribble

Centering Women of Color through Intersectional Policymaking: Let’s Start with Abortion Access by Amanda R. Matos

Planning & Development

The Case for Chinese Aid: Why It Complements, Not Displaces, Western Aid by Haiyang Zhang

When Development Isn’t Complicated by Grant Tudor and Justin Warner

The Tiny House Solution: Accessory Dwelling Units as a Housing Market Fix by Alyssa Davis

Distant Neighbors: Innovative Approaches to Development across Geographies by Stefan Norgaard

Health & Wellbeing

David’s Journey: A Patient-Centered Approach to Opioid Addiction Treatment by Stephanie Nguyen and Maggie Salinger

Karoshi and Japan’s Work Style Reform by Yusaku Kawashima