Americans prefer worst Adam Sandler movie to Jeb-Hillary Debate: Nationwide Poll

NEW YORK— A Jeb Bush versus Hillary Clinton presidential debate is unlikely to attract much viewership, according to New York TV insights group Media Scope. Last week they concluded their annual survey of the most watchable television for the year ahead. Two thousand adults in the U.S. were polled from July 15-23.

The survey’s key findings reveal that a debate between the likely presidential nominees would draw a level of viewership closest to a rerun from the eighth and final season of Scrubs, which contained only three of the original seven main cast members. Likely due to recent events, the debate beat The Cosby Show by a full four points. It also scored 12 points higher than a WNBA playoffs game, unsurprisingly.

“The findings show that the American people are tired—truly, painfully exhausted—of the Bush and Clinton political families,” said an entirely unruffled VP of Research at Media Scope, Kevin Rosenblatt. He noted that this matchup has resulted in lower enthusiasm than any presidential race since 1924’s Coolidge versus Davis.

A Jeb Bush campaign spokesman declined to comment except to say that he was pleased to see that the enthusiasm level surpassed that of WNBA games, “which shouldn’t really count as a sport, if you ask me.”

Survey respondents were asked to rank a presidential debate between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton as either ‘More’ or ‘Less’ interesting than a randomized list of alternative shows and TV content.

In terms of projected viewership, below is a list of TV programming that came closest on a 0-100 point scale to a Bush vs. Clinton debate across seven major genres:

  1. Advertising: 1 point above the ‘Squealing Pig on a Zipline’ Geico commercials; tied with the Progressive ‘Flo’ commercial in which Flo briefly undergoes an endoscopy on screen.
  2. Drama: Tied with ‘Mob Doctor,’ which was cancelled after one season.
  3. Miscellaneous: 4 points below a ‘Best Thanksgiving Sermons of Joel Osteen’ marathon.
  4. Movie: 5 points below Jack and Jill, widely considered the worst movie of Adam Sandler’s career.
  5. Reality TV: ranked 7 points below Celebrity Survivor, but narrowly edged out the series The Swan—where unsightly contestants compete for plastic surgeries.
  6. Sitcom: tied with the last season of Scrubs, which contained only three of the seven main characters from the first eight seasons.
  7. Sports: tied with a Little League national championship match, and 12 points higher than a WNBA playoff match, which ranked dead last among all genres of content.


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Photo Credit: Marc Nozell via Flickr